In a world where hate is on the front page, I want people to know that we have kids who, if given the chance,  will amaze, excite, and dominate with heartfelt love.

Chad Hammond

STEM Teacher

When the NW STEM program was approached with a project to help a family in our community, they did not hesitate!

Chad Hammond, STEM Teacher at NWHS, along with four students, Chris Utter, Brayden Metcalf, Abby Davis and Macaulay Martin, joined forces to build a ramp for a student who was preparing to have surgery.  This student was going to be wheelchair bound for 6-8 weeks.

Lowe’s (Jackson, MI) was impressed by the NW effort toward helping this family and generously donated all materials for this project. 


The group was able to build and install the ramp at the student’s home before he was home from the hospital!